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This is a story about a serene, mysterious, and slightly eccentric woman - and her slogging, well-intentioned husband. She knows her husband is totally enchanted with her, and she blithely takes advantage. He bears his scars reasonably well. Both of them were profoundly influenced by their 21 children, who came from a dozen different cultural backgrounds.


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Fred Talks

Famous Opera Star Gets Rejected.
Fred Cappuccino, who always wanted to be an opera star - before being rudely rejected by the Maxville Ontario opera company - submitted many of his songs. Also readings from his erudite book, Bonnie and Her 21 Children.
Fred Talks



I do try to be considerate. Some years ago when we had a 12 – seater van and about ten school-age children plus several pre-schoolers, I thought with all those kids underfoot, Bonnie really ought to have a vacation, lest she get burned out. I said to her “Bonnie, you're getting burned out. You really need some relaxation. You need a little rest. Why don't I watch things here at the house, and you throw a few things into the van that you might need for a few days and take the kids and go!”.
She never did take me up on that generous-hearted offer.


Fred Cappuccino, JBS*

Long-suffering husband

Fred Cappuccino, born in 1926, worked as a counsellor at a geriatric wing of a hospital in Cornwall, Ontario, where for eleven years, he often entertained patients with the autoharp. One day he was strumming chords on the autoharp and singing his heart out with Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me when one dear sister screeched “Will someone PLEASE let that cat out!” From that point, Fred’s musical career deteriorated.
*Just Barely Surviving

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